352 Yards
Par : 4
Stroke Index : 7
Tee Sponsor : Balsdons Vehicle Services

We open up with a tricky tee shot that needs to be aimed left, although a big hook will put you on the second fairway, or a little slice will see you playing your second shot from the 18th fairway!

For the really abitious big hitters you might just be able to reach the green given favourable conditions, but don’t forget this is the first tee and it is overlooked by the bar. A sensible long iron might be wise!

The second shot should only be a short iron and the advice again is to aim left because the lie of the land will bring the ball back to the right.

There are some big borrows on this green, so a good player will want to find the right part of the green or a two putt will be very testing!

Let us hope that you have taken my advice and got your round off to a nice start with a straightforward par.